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My Modern mini is here!!!

I didn't realize that I put the address of the school on my application for my Modern Mini exchange.  My partner is from Nebraska, her name is Megan.  Here's her web site to see some of her work.  And her Instangram account.  She's really into modern quilting, an area that I am currently going into, so Megan, thanks for encouraging me with that great blog entry.  I am very pleased with it.  Already it's out on one of my tables in the living room.  Right on an antique table by my husband.  Love the contrast between the antique side table and so modern a piece. I love the stitching that was done on the bottom and top, in the perfect thread (yes Megan I'm into thread a lot lately.)  Megan did a section of Alison Glass's Feather Quilt.  See the link for the web site.    I love her stuff as well.  I bought the Timber pattern.  See below for the Feather Quilt.

I say you go for it Megan and make it.  Love how some of the pieces are strips and some are full pieces, just like you did in your mini to me.  That was outstanding.

What do the rest of you think?

By the way, in case you're interested, here is my modern mini to someone in Toronto.  I hope they like it as well.

I did some inking around each shape to give it a three dimensional look.  It's dark yellows, and gold in the corner, and then the t-dye greens.  I quilted the heck out of it, and it's 25" by 25".  I put a piece on the back to hang it on a wall.  I was really pleased with the effects.  What do you think?  She's got it by now.  I mailed it two weeks ago before the 17th.

thanks again Megan.


  1. I'm so glad it got to you and that you like it! To ship internationally, I've learned that I have to go to an actual post office and getting there took me forever.

    One of my coworkers has become a big fan of your blog and was awfully surprised to find out that I have a blog, too, through your post. :)

    I am so in awe of the amount of work you get done and look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

    1. Now that it's Spring Break you will see a lot more. Love your modern work, it inspires me.


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