Monday, November 30, 2015

December's "A Lovely Year of Finishes" - last one for this Month.

A Lovely Year of Finishes It's December already and it's always a busy time of year, and with me going away from the 19th to the 30, I don't want to make too big of promises.  So I'm keeping this nice and lite.

I have started a Craftsy class months ago with Camille Roskelley called Playful Piecing Techniques that uses precuts, so it make it very easy.  The one that I'm looking at completing is my Spool quilt from her lesson.  This would be the second quilt out of 4 quilts that you can make while doing this course.  She's very good as a teacher, and I've learned a lot.  My water quilt is from this course as well.  Here's what I'm trying to make, a combination of the one on the table and the wall that is larger.  I'm doing the spools seperated by white.  I have the roll cut up, and the white background all cut up, ready to go.  The colors are old fashion, with dark tones. 

There is a promise that I made to myself as well, that I would do at least 2 rows this month.  That's also on my list.

And finally, there is only one other thing that I want to do, make some fabric bowls for Christmas gifts and some fleese pyjama pants for the families.

So that's it, a small list, but one that I think I can complete before the 19th.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Just under the wire...

A Lovely Year of Finishes
Well, it's hard to miss when I posted my November's entry for what I wanted to complete in the November's "Lovely Year of Finishes (it was my last entry), but I did it, I did complete one of my goals.  I am not making excuses but it's been a very bad month for me this month, and very trying.  I won't go into it with details but I'm sure many of you out there have gone through bad times and needed quilting to get through it.  In all honesty, I only had two weekends to complete my goals and I'm very happy that I was able to do one of them.    I started from this (all the material saved up).

To this......

Who doesn't love a Christmas quilt.
The quilting was spiral with fillers in between and I love the final results.

The pattern was free from Jolly Jabber.  It's called Little Joys and all the patterns are free here.  It was a block of the month (short one), but absolutely beautiful, simple, and easy to do.  For those of you interested in doing a similar one and has more options click on this link for a Christmas "Deck the Halls".  

As I said previously, many things happened to me this month, most of them very trying, and painful.  I didn't do much sewing at all, and truthfully, in the last two days it's been my salvation, to get my mind back.  I'm sure we all have times in our life like this, but I'm still working through some trouble times, and it's coming out in my sewing.

Although this other quilt was not the one that I said I would complete this month I did receive as therapy a pack of fat quarters that were Halloween in style.  Now I know, Halloween is over with, but I still wanted (no needed) to sew, so I started the blocks, added some black and here are the results.  The quilt is made of 12 inch squares, with lighter orange around each one, and then dark orange borders.  But it looked too plain so I thought I would add some applique.  And the results are the pumpkins and the leaves around the quilt for interest sake.

So this is the results....

That's it.  I did make one goal and I'm submitting this to a Lovely Year of Finishes....

The 2018 Finish-a-Long is coming