Friday, September 9, 2016

OMG already completed!!!

Can't believe how much time I spent on my project this month, but not only that how fast I got it done because I wanted to make this quilt badly for myself!!!!  The quilting took a lot of time, the pieces for the butterfly (5 - 6 wings) wings had to all be sewn down as well.  It was black in the background then piece by piece the wings.  I really enjoy this quilt by JoAnn Hoffman Designs (you can see all her patterns on Craftsy).  This one is called "Kimimila Butterfly".  This is the second time I make this quilt for a round table top.  It's perfection!!!  Batique for the material, a beautiful background and black and it's done!!! What do you think?

 The Quilting

Perfect fit!!

Love it!!!  Next one a full lap quilt for a cousin!

And as an added bonus...  I finished my Art Deco quilt, using Batiques again, this time in red and blue.  Notice a pattern in choices of backgrounds????

The quilting is art deco style as well.  Great match.  Very pleased with this one.  It's off to Manitoba to another cousin who is dearly loved....  

Hooking up to Red Letter Quilts and the very talented Heidi.  Take a look at her site.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

2016 UFO Update and an update of the week.

It seems that's all I do is update, but this last week I've been quilting like crazy to catch up and reach goals.  And I'm doing great.  OK not in everything.  This 2016 UFO thing is having problems  ;)

Here's an update of the "All the People's Quilt 2016 UFO Challenge".  I'm very happy how most of this is happening. :

Status Before
Status Afterward
1)  Pixilated Sunflower I created
All cut out and sewn, needs to be quilted.
April- Started.  Done at least 10 hours these past two weeks.  Still working on the center piece of the sunflower but I am approaching the brown, and out of the black.  I'm pleased with the work.
2)  Birds on a wire from Quilt Mania
Have a birds cut out, and some of the small quilts.  Need to continue to put them on and quilt entire thing.
3)  Midnight Garden
All material there but haven’t cut anything
March - Well, I have 5 blocks completed, and 7 to go.  I did 3 blocks this month.  I don't think I can do that again, but at least 2 of month to finish.
4)  Garden that’s applique and wool – block of the month
All material is there but nothings been sewn or quilted.
July - Not even started... and still scared of this one....  This will be last for goodness sake.
5)  Blue stars
Two stars made, need to come up with idea to bind
February - Have the design.  Need to complete but not on any of my lists. 
6)  Houses – block of the month
All material is there,
August - Given up on this one....
7)  Block Lotto quilt - scraps
Missing 10 blocks – last two months, needs to be put together and quilted

8)  Green strip quilt
Quilts entirely made except for a side edge to make it a queen size quilt.  Need to put on sashing then quilt it all
May was to be #7 but this one was done instead.  At least one more off the list.   FINISH
9)  Lily quilt - all flowers
All completed.  Even sold.  Need to quilt it.  

10)  two more quilts from the book PreCut Primers – authors Me and My Sister Designs.
These use small little precuts to create.  
JUNE - Have Grade 1 and grade 3, not grade 2 so it's completed.  FINISH
11) Modern quilt - quilt as you go...
New technique learned.
 FINISH - see what the green and red quilt looks like.
12)  Chic Pattern
using a precut of 10 inch squares.  Easy - looks great.
Excited to have this one for SEPTEMBER.  Have everything ready to start.  Will make it this month's goal for OMG, but already have one.  I could add it?!!  :)

Now here's what I've done this week, I've been very busy.

I wanted to catch up on all the Splendid Sampler blocks from Pat Sloan, but I'm so behind, I'll be happy with selecting random ones and working on that.    I got 7 done these last two days.  Ten in total this month.  Pleased with that.

I just finished a small quilt (25 " x 25") that I purchased the kit at  Road 17 N Quilt Shop in the town of Winkler, in Friendly Manitoba, Canada.  Got a row by row there as well.  What do you think?  See below...

Went crazy on the quilting.  Speaking of quilting, this is the first time in two years that I registered for doing a quilt in the month, and I've finished it in less than two days....  I'll blog about that later.....  But the quilting on that quilt was crazy, crazy, about 34 hours, and a back that was talking to me.  Then I did this one.  

I'm almost completed my Art Deco Quilt.  Have three blocks to quilt to go, and that one is done.  That will be three completed quilts in two days.  

And just to be difficult, I completed a pair of pants for my sister for Christmas, but I don't want to show it here.  I also almost have done a table runner for my aunt for Christmas, but once more, no showing.....  Like I said, I've been sewing crazy crazy these last two weeks.  The 2nd Tuesday of the month I'll be showing my quilts to the guild.  There are two more I want to have done before the guild meeting.  Don't know if I'll meet that goal.  We'll see.

Check out the tags below....

Sunday, August 28, 2016

September's Goals

Well here's September, with school starting for another school year.  This month I'm planning on making a butterfly quilt tabletop similar to the one I made my mother. The design is by JoAnn Hoffman Designs and is called "Kimimila Butterfly"   Here is the sample picture from Craftsy where you can see her other patterns.

Simple goal, but what you can't see is how much quilting goes into this pattern.  It will take at last 40 hours of quilting.  

Another month has gone by....

And my how time did fly......  School starting, work as well.... I won't have as much time to quilt but

then again, I haven't quilted much this summer.  I did try to catch up on many of the BOMs that I'm in this year (Canadian Mystery Quilt, Splendid Sampler, Quilt Doodle, Block Lotto, and more).  But at this point I'm giving up in many ways.  The Canadian Mystery Quilt is caught up, and some of the Splendid Sampler, but my main goal is to finish up 2014's BOMs and some of my UFOs.  Most of the BOM's are sewn, it's the quilting that is taking me so long....  But I'll get there.

One of those UFO's is from 2012, the Midnight Garden - my goal for August.  I didn't believe that I would be able to complete the entire quilt knowing that I would be away for half the summer so I set a modest goal - three of them.  And I was successful!!!!!  I even named which flowers I would complete.  The tulip, small white flowers (Sorry, I don't know the name of them), and the Lily, the hardest one to do.  Notice how small the stem is, and all those leaves.  I did button stitching  around everything, and then some embroidery on each one.  I'm very happy with the results, and very happy that I not only completed my goal but then some.  On to the next goal.

Linking up to Red Letter Quilts and the OMG (Oh my goodess!!!! - I did it) party!!

and my favorite one so far...

Look at the stitching.  Very pleased that I completed this one.

That's five done and seven to go.  Here is the completed quilt by Sara Tuttle and Sandy Brawner.  Can't wait for it to be completed.  See the  tag "Midnight Garden to see all the others.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Back from Manitoba....

Been doing a lot of travelling, some for fun and some to get some stuff done.  But what that meant is that I have been away from my house for about 4 1/2 weeks, so I didn't do much sewing.....

I did get plenty of new Row by Rows in Portland, California, Washington, Manitoba and of course British Columbia.  But no time to actually stitch them.  Being back one week and a little exhausted but I needed creative time I did do a couple of them.  See below.  This one is a laser cut row by Undercover Quilts in Seattle.  Beautiful depiction of Seattle.  You put the white on first, then the black over top of it.  Notice the stadium with the Seahawks emblem?  There is also the fins of the whales in the water.  I love it.

Plus I've been away from the Splendid Sampler from Pat Sloan (you can still start and catch up).


Paper piecing on the left and applique on the left.

Plus to keep the creative side going I created these two dish towels.  The pattern is by Meags and me "Birdie" .  Material is L's Modern 2015 Spring

And I'm doing another block from the Canadian Mystery BOM by Shania Sunga Designs. This one is for up north.  Can you tell where it is?  It's the Yukin, and it's 12 1/2 by 1- 1/2.

And there is my Midnight Garden quilt.  It was my OMG challenge this month.  I said I would do three of them.  Two were done this weekend.  Check them out.  Have one more to do and I should be able to get it done this weekend.  That makes 5 out of 12 that I have completed.  Still excited about this one.


I also did about two hours of quilting on my Art Deco quilt (my Quarter Challenge).  The quilting is taking forever because I'm doing art deco quilting on it (lot of clear space to fill up).  You'll have to wait until it's done to see it.  That's it, that's been my weekend.  Going to keep on relaxing and doing my sewing.  School starts in two weeks.....