Tuesday, November 14, 2017

OMG finished already

OMG!!!  I'm finished my premie quilt already.  I've already given it to my quilting guild today (Fraser Valley Quilting Guild), and here's what it turned out to be:

Ladder quilt with 2 1/2 inch strips.

Stitch in a ditch.

Love the fabric, beautiful old fashion scraps, with gold around the edge.  In the end it was 36 x 36.  Perfect for a new born.

But that wasn't all that I completed this month.  I finished two more rows of the row by row.  Take a look.  In the end they'll be two queen size quilts.  Notice that I'm trying to do quilt as you go.
The fish fins were so tiny  to do but in the end well worth it.

Love the water going up to the beach with the beach umbrellas

This was with me not sewing this weekend because I was away to Victoria Island.  Can you say "crab chowder anyone?"  :) 

This was the view from our hotel room at the Coastal Hotel and Marina.  It was off the beaten bath a bit (15 minute walk downtown on that great path or $10 taxi ride) but so worth it with the view.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.

On a special note - another quilting store that was great in Victoria is now closed.  I was sorry to see Satin Moon Quilting Store permanently close.  So sorry considering how beautiful their designs were.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

OMG for November

Last month was great, met my goal and did a bit more!!!!  This month I'm setting a new goal and I'm excited to start it.  I have the material, I have the pattern but I haven't even started to cut it yet.  I'm start a small quilt for a premie baby for my quilt guild. It's going to be squares of different sizes of scraps.  It's similar to this one

Different strips that make the squares.  It's to get my scraps down as well as contribute to our charity work.  Lets see how long it takes me shall we?  34" by 34".

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Had a great weekend last week. Did some walking around Fort Langley, BC, some antique shopping.  Got myself a great tea pot (silver) with a spout cover.  I never saw anything like that before.  I also got some plates with a space to put a cut (8 of them) so I can use them with my upcoming book club meeting in November.  Want to make a great impression.

But I also did some quick sewing and tried to get my stash down a little, so my room would be a bit cleaner.  Here's some of the things I got done.

Finished coloring a row by row from 2015.

A canvas bag to hold my acrylic paints.  Fabric was precut by IKEA.

I made two soup pots for my mother.  
Need to make a lot more to make my mother happy.

Don't you just love the colours.

And this weekend I did a lot of cutting,
9 soup bowls, 4 placemats, and two row by rows.

Seems perfect for this weekend, to do some sewing.  

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Another one buys the dusk!!!!

OK, I'm already completed my OMG for the month!!!  Why?  Because I was so excited about it, and the quilting was wonderful, leaves and blades of grass.  Look at it closely...  See the grass?

You can see it a bit more here.   To the right are leaves, to the left bottom, grass.  These pictures don't do it justice, but it's hard to get the right pictures.

Here's the final effect....

The squares really add to the effect....  So I'm done and I'm going to hook up to

Elm Street Quilts

So pleased that one more is done and completed... On to the next....

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

OMG for October

With my back out for the past two weeks, I find I can't sit for long, but my chair in my sewing room (only wood) seems to not hurt my back where my couch does....  Go figure???....

So I have been doing some sewing and some painting (can't show the painting - it's a Christmas gift), and it's been coming along in 1/2 hour stints with an hour break in between or even some napping.  So I think I can do it, can make a goal happen.  Here's what my monthly goal looked like at the start of October.  It's my own design, from a painting I did about forth months ago.  A lot of white space there.  The quilt is about five feet by four feet (or approximately).  So  here's the list of things to do for this one:
  • stitch on all the black.
  • attach some 2 1/2 inch squares around one corner to make it more balance.
  • quilt all that white space.
  • Bind
  • Put up in the bedroom.
I'm looking to do it for my bedroom, to cut down on the echo in my loft.  The other side above the kitchen is a modern design left from the previous owner in black and white.  So I think the two will really work well together.  I'm very happy with the thought of the two of them together.  See below for a picture of the artwork in the kitchen.  What do you think?  Give me a reply.  


Friday, September 29, 2017

Sewology Block of the Month

OK, I couldn't resist.   And it just started this month, so I need to look through all my stash to find some material for this one!!!  It's from the Pen and Paper Pattern's blog.  You can get the pattern at Craftsy, either month by month or the entire pattern that they add once a month to your pattern area.  The final quilt is about 70 * 84, a great size and the pattern is adorable.  Check it out to the side.  Love it because it's all about sewing.

It is recommended that we get organized with the following:
  • small 3-ring binder
  • sheet protectors to protect the patterns.
  • Page tabs to sub divide it (I'm not that organized.
  • and I recommend an accordion area to keep the material all together.
The intro gives you all the fabric you will need and even the colors that I'll try to follow as close as possible.  But I will be waiting for each pattern in the months to come.  The first one - the thread.  There are 11 in total and I guess the last one is how to sew it all together.  

So I'm off to pick my colors.  I'm going to use Konan fabric.   Looking at using up a lot of my own stash.  

This is my 2nd block of the month this year.  And I finished the first one, so I'm in great shape.  Follow along with the label #Sewology.

Another one done!!!

OK, it was almost completed.  I had to added some side sections, and then to cut it as a hexi shape.  Then the quilting and voila it's completed.  White with brightly colored cheerios, which is the name of the quilt.

I got this free pattern from Auribuzz's interview withe sister and design team at Me & My sister... Barb Groves and Mary Jacobson.  The link is here for those of you that want to read about these lovely ladies.  And the pattern is still free and it's here.   I love these ladies.  They have a great book that I have purchased called "Precit Primer"  It is written like an old school book, which really makes me smile because I am a teacher.  And it has a quilt per grade.  I have already done grades one, two and three, and truthfuly, I want to do all the grades.  I think this is the first book that I want to do all the quilts.

It's also very easy to complete because each one states what precut package you buy to make it.  So choosing colors is so much easier. If you are interested in looking at the book and the quilts  here it is.

I had fun with this pattern and look for more quilts from this book.

OMG finished already