Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017's New Quarter Start.

Well, another year's gone by with a lot accomplished (see the tab above marked 2017) to see all that I've accomplished in the way of quilts.  And a large part of it is thanks to the 2016th Finish Along (FAQ).   I've always been a big fan of making lists and the group at the Finish Along has always helped me to think about it, as well as enter all my list of items.  And as luck would have it they're doing it again.  

So here it is, another list for me to try to complete.  If I do two or three of them I will be very happy, but I will try to list all of them.  I'm hoping for two very special ones to be completed.  You've seen them often on my list, but here they are again.

Goal #1:  I've completed 6 of the wool projects, and I'm hoping to complete the other 6 of the Midnight Garden.  Here is one example, 6 more to go....  I love doing these but it takes at least a month to do it.  So keep an eye on this blog to see what can be done...  It's a beautiful quilt.

A 2nd goal to to finish at least 8 more fibre art leaves to add to one of my quilts.  The quilt is called Canadian Parks, all green, yellow and red.  But now I'm adding a fibre art tree that is over 5 feet tall (already started), and all the leaves (10 leaves) that will be splattered around the tree.  I have to do this, as well I quilted this king size quilt (I have quilted the death out of it) so much, but when quilting it I wanted to quilt around the word "Canada".  But unfortunately (really feel stupid about this) I quilted the word "Cananada".  That's a big "Ops".  

So now I have to go over a "na" but unfortunately it's in the middle of the word, so thus the leaves. I'm hoping the tree will cover it and then the leaves to do the rest.  It's all about planning, and seriously, I don't have a big plan, I'm just letting FATE guide me.

Now on to my 3rd goal.    Another job I started when I did a fibre art course I practised on two  different flowers.  Both are not completed, but I would like to do so when I'm making the leaves.  So here's the plan, complete these two flowers and put them on a bag or purse.  I would love to have these on that or even a T-shirt .  Would look spectacular.

I even have a picture of my cat that was put on fabric so I can have that completed as well.  I'm counting it as my 3rd goal though, just because it's the same thing.  But the bag is the main thing and I'm excited about this one.

Here's my 4th goal.  This one was constant on my list.  I got the whites, I got everything together, and I even printed out the letters for the "you & me" writing.  This should not take any time at all, so I want this one done probably this weekend.  It will look spectacular!!   And I want something nice and easy as well as big (65 by 85), something great to cuddle by.

Here's my 5th goal.  It's one that's been on this list about five or six times.  It is suppose to be for the guild show, and I need to add beads to it.  So all that's left is to quilt it then bead it.  That should take at least seven hours.  Simple and easy to do.  I'm so excited about this, my own design, my own pattern, everything is mine on this one.  I'm so excited!!!

Goal 6th:  This is another one that's been a constant on this list.  It's the quilting of the quilt that I made two years ago.  This quilt is spectacular, it's all done, but now I'm learning how to quilt it through Leah Day.  There are twelve squares and each square is done differently.  I'm learning to quilt through this course, but I also love the quilt that I made because of the colours of the quilt.  Here's a picture of the quilt as is, with 3 blocks completed.  I have the nine left to do.  Above is an example of one of the blocks that was completed.

Here's the final one.  Goal #7.  The Vice Versa quilt Block of the Month Club form 2014.  I have all the blocks but the last two months done (it's two blocks a month), and then adding the plain material in between the strips.  So this one is also doable in one day.  It's the quilting that worries me.  It is suggested to do straight quilting at an angle to complete this one. See an example of one of the blocks I have completed above.

That's a big list but one that is doable in my books (or at least a couple of them :)  So wish me luck, I want the quilting done and at least two more that will be ready for quilting for the next quarter.  Good luck to us all.  

A great start to the New Year.  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Monthly Goal for January

Like everyone else I'm making a New Year's Resolution, but not about losing weight (started this in October and have lost 25 pounds so far), or to exercise more often (I got a new FitBit and I'm working at over 11,000 steps a month), or eat healthy (I've been doing that for two years now).  No, this year's resolution is to take it easy this time.  

My lists of things to do for One Monthly Goal have been 4 - 20 different things, which now I look back at it, I've been reacting like a mad woman trying to get all of it done.  I mean really, I'm a high school computer teacher who works very hard all day with no prep time to assess students formally in school, so I take their work home and mark it which takes approximately 2 hours a night.  Then I need to relax and de-stress by sewing quilts and painting, and I sew one to two quilts a month.  Most of the quilts are queen size.  And I go to a painting class every Monday, then come home and try to fit in painting at least 2 hours a week.  Enough already.

It's called "One Monthly Goal" for a reason.  ;)  

So here's my ONE goal.  Finish quilting my pixelated sunflower.  Anything else is a bonus.  I've sandwiched it and now for the quilting which are tiny little circles to represent the seeds, and then the pedals.  It will be beautiful when done, and this one is close to two years old, from the sewing and quilting already.  If done, the blog entry will be a post of major pictures.  I want to put this into the Fraser Valley Quilting Guild Show this June with the theme of Canada 150th.  It's my own design.  It's for the farmers of the prairies, growing sunflower crops.

Elm Street Quilts

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Another quarter here and gone, as well as 2016

2016 FAL
Well the 4th and last quarter is here, and it's done.  I'm hooking this up to Leanne at "She Can Quilt" for the 2016 Finish A Long.

OK, in the last three months I have once more purchased some quilt blocks, so I'm upset.  It's over 60 quilts to make now.   Remember, I am a fabricaholic....  But I did complete many quilts this year, and many of them are queen size so I'm still feeling good about the entire thing.  So lets get to it, and show what I did complete this term.  And if you want to see the entire year in review, you can go to my page of the 2016 quilts completed at this link.

My original list is here, and many of them are not done, so I won't bore you with the ones partly, completed, I'll get right to the ones that are fully completed.  

Here's a list with diagrams of where I was at and where I am now.

Got two potholders completed but I gave them away before I could take a picture.

I got one done for a very good friend of mine.  So even though I wanted to get more done, I'm happy with at least one.

All quilted and all completed.  I'm extremely pleased at how the pattern took off.

Well, although this was my list (above) I did do a number of extras, and they were on the list at one point of time, so I'm OK with showing them all.  See below:

Premie quilt for the hospital.

Gift to my aunt for Christmas.

Quilt on my bed.  A queen size quilt.

Pillow case for star wars.

A wall quilt from Manitoba.

My table topper - Butterflies.

A quilt for my cousins in Manitoba.  Art Deco - beautifully quilted.

Well, it was busy, but not with what I signed up for.  Still, a great year of sewing.  Thanks for helping to push me to get going on some of these  :)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Things done before the 25th

Well, it's been a long time since I've written last, and in that time period although I got a lot done, it wasn't as much as I wanted to.  The holidays were very tiring, and I never did catch up on my sleep.  So without further ado, let me show you the great things that I did get accomplished.

A gift for my friend Gro, "Just because" she's such a good friend.

A quilt for the hospital for Premie Babies.  I'm very pleased with this one.  Take a good look at the fabric, it's adorable.  All about pirates.

One more block for my Midnight Garden BOM.  I'm two behind for this one.  But I'm still happy with this one because it took forever.

My block lottery quilt!!!!  Completed!!!  Look at the quilting above.  Below is the size of it.  In the end I placed the blocks where I wanted, not following the final placement, but it looks great!!!  The quilting on it is amazing, with every block quilted every inch.  In the end it's stunning.  I'm calling it "Multicultural" because of all the different shapes would not be put together, and yet, it matches in the end.  That's what is so amazing of this quilt, the fact that even when we're all so different in Canada, we can still fit together.  I'll have to measure this one so I can enter it in my Quilt Guild's show.

And a quilt table top that I have created for my Aunt for Christmas.  It was one of the Row by Row's for "Home Sweet Home" for Seattle.  I was very happy with the results. I weaved quilted it to make the quilting look like waves all over the piece.  Notice the sea hawk emblem on the stadium?  For you Seahawk fans.  And to the right is Mount Ranier.  There is even a pod of whales in the water.  This row by row is a work of art.  I have one for myself made and one for my aunt.  I'm so pleased with the results.

So that catches me up, I'm pleased to say.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Able to Sew!!! Yeah!!!

Well, it's been a pretty bad week, I had not one but two severe allergy attacks, which completely knocked me sideways.  You ready to give me sympathy???  I'm allergic to chocolate.  Yes, you read it right, I'm allergic to chocolate.  It use to only give me a headache, but now it closes my throat, makes it hard to breath, and even gives me a headache, and makes me dizzy.  Not a pretty thing to see.  

I left work on Tuesday because it was that bad, the Home Ec. Department at school cooked with chocolate powder and it went everywhere, the powder, even up the stairs to the second level which is where I'm at.  I walked through the powder, not realizing there was chocolate in the air, and my voice started to change, my throat started to swell, eyes watering and itchy, the whole thing, and it was too late to take my allergy pills (which use to work and help).  First aid came to help, the doors to the Home Ec. rooms were closed, and the vents for the area were turned on to clear the air.  

I took one day off because quite frankly, anyone who has gone through a sever attack knows, you feel really funny and off for about five days, but I was willing to go in on Thursday to see what the heck was going on in my classroom, and low and behold, I got a second attack, throat closing, eyes watering, etc.  So a couple of allergy pills took some of it away, but sick again.

I did go in on Friday, and it wasn't so bad, but here it is Sunday, and still feeling strange.  My husband told me to take it easy and do some sewing, and that's exactly what I did all Saturday afternoon.  And here are the results:

# 80, 78, 77, 74 and 73 (not shown in that order0.

My Favorite one.

The least favorite one - hate my color choices.  Need to redo.

So far there has been 83 blocks.  I think I have about 30 done.  Need to step it up  :)

Here are some quilts for premie babies.  My guild does a number of them every year.  My contribution for this year.  I promised to give me more, and I've only done two this year.  Here will be two more.

Love the pirate theme.  The pattern is by Camille Roskelley.  It's 36" x 36"
It's from the book "Simply Retro".  This pattern was so simple and so quick.  So if you need a Christmas gift, this is the one.

Finally, another block for my Midnight Garden BOM.  I'm more than 1/2 way through it.
Loving the wool colors.  What do you think?

And this is something I did about two weeks ago for a friend who requested one of my boxes.  I love making them but they do take a lot of time.  This one is lined with plastic so it's tougher than most.

Not the best job with the edging, but it was so thick, it was really hard.  Next time I do it by hand.

That's it my relaxing day of sewing.  Next time, quilting those two baby quilts and making a quilt for my hairdresser for Christmas.  Take care